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On January 14, the Center published an update to its 2013 report on compliance with California's landmark consumer arbitration reporting law (AB 2656, 2002).  Recent press coverage highlights the ongoing trend towards mandatory consumer arbitration. On March 18, 2013, Center Director and Professor David J. Jung and Hastings third year student Jamie Horowitz testified before the Assembly Judiciary Committee regarding the Center's findings of arbitration firms' widespread noncompliance with the reporting requirements. Since then, the Center found that compliance has continued to slip. In response,  the Assembly is considering legislation to improve the quality of reporting by providing a right of action against noncompliant arbitration firms.

Recent Reports

State Sentencing Commissions: Models for Reducing Overcrowding in California Prisons (full report). The lack of a consistent sentencing scheme and comprehensive data collection, the lack of alternatives to prison sentences, and failures in the parole system have meant that prison — the most costly correctional option — is overused for low-level or non-violent offenders with low risk of recidivism. This report discusses these issues in detail and surveys solutions that other states have pursued. Specifically, the report outlines PLRI’s recommendations for the duties and priorities that the Legislature should assign to a potential sentencing commission.

California Pilotage: Analyzing Models of Harbor Pilot Regulation and Rate Setting (full report) and Compendium of State Practices (appendix) - The century-old regulation of San Francisco Bay Harbor Pilots has recently become the subject of legislative and media attention. In this report, the Center compares models of state regulation of this vital, esoteric, profession, and suggests alternatives to the current regime.

Spending in Judicial Elections: State Trends in the Wake of Citizens United (full report)
Read the five page executive summary.

Environmental Justice for All: A Fifty-State Survey of Legislation, Policies and Cases - The fourth edition's improved index and innovative keyword classification system enables researchers to compare initiatives across states with ease.

For a complete list of reports see the Public Law Research Institute (PLRI) and PLRI Reports pages.

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